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Our NEW lash style is wispy with a hint of a wing at the end. Natural lashes don’t have to be boring, these lashes will definitely brighten up your look and give you irresistible eyes making them look like your very own. Recommend for those that love really natural lashes. 


Quality Grade: 3D

What is on our lashes?

Our luxurious mink lashes are cruelty-free, natural  not processed ( chemical free) fluffy mink hair.  Which are carefully handmade with strong cotton fabric on the band, Making it super strong for the hairs to stay in place, yet soft and comfortable for you to look fabulous for long.  

How long does it last?

We take pride in bringing you quality! with great reviews from beauty professionals and customers on the quality of our lashes, rest assured that our lashes  can be reusable for up to 20-90 times And even longer using our Eyelash Foaming Cleaner. 

•Lash glue not included.