About Us

Your eyes are the first thing people notice when looking at you. Eyelashes have always helped women to complete their makeup look. 
To say lashes are my obsession would be a complete understatement. Every beauty and makeup lover knows how big of a difference a pair of false lashes can give a complete look. Being well known as an Make Up Artist over the years, my beauty philosophy starts with accentuating the eyes. 
Being fortunate enough to work with many clients even overseas. A common struggle that my clients address is quality strip eyelashes to fit their every need, and I agree; which is why I made the choice to design and develop my own. The result is a line that provides long lasting, comfort, voluminous, luxury rich looking lashes. I'm very excited to share this with you all and more to come. As I believe when you look good, you feel good and life is more enjoyable. 
Mink lashes are celebrities Make up artist best red carpet tool. Now the luxury of mink eyelashes are affordable and available not only to celebrities, but to every woman! Making them look and feel her best!
Our eyelashes make eyes appear bigger, brighter and more striking. 
Our Secret in creating the soft, natural, velvet-like appearance of Soul Lashes is the fact that they’re made with 100% authentic, natural mink fur. The hairs are individually collected from zoos and selected during natural shedding season and thoroughly sterilized. Our lashes are hand made and free from chemical treatment or dyes.
The Meaning Behind Soul Lashes
The meaning behind our brand is to bring soul into beauty as we want to encourage beauty , success, kindness, love, forgiveness, determination but from within. As we believe everything that we do in life comes from how we are from the inside. We want to see a lot of people win and prosper regardless of what there have been through in life, you don't have to walk in life's journey being broken, but first our soul has to be cleared and right, for if your soul is not prospering that should be your primary need, every other supply is going to flow as your soul prospers.
As the famous saying goes: "How you gonna win if you're not right within?"- Lauryn Hill.